Culture is represented in all that we do.  It is who we are, where we come from, how we behave, what we believe, and so much more.

Why do we Swarm around this topic?  We Swarm to better understand ourselves as cultural beings.  We Swarm to slow down the pace and examine, explore, reflect, and experiment with ideas around how culture has shaped us – and therefore how we shape and interact with others. 

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Writing exercises are an integral part of the Swarm.

The Melibee Swarm on Culture, Identity and Perspective is your <affordable> “conference”  attracting educators, interculturalists, students, counselors, and those who are seeking a new and creative way to reflect, explore and engage in discussion around culture, identity, and perspective.  

We’ll do so through highly experiential, creative and process-driven learning  – including writing, storytelling, and the use of reflection to support the process of integrating this lifelong learning into your professional and personal lives.  Our incredible speakers will guide us through this intimate journey.

This year’s Swarm will carefully consider the role of elders and our family trees (as well as communication patterns) and how our bloodlines and other key figures in our lives influence our culture, identity, and perspective. Our speakers have been carefully selected to challenge us to deeply reflect on this theme.

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Last year’s Swarm included an analysis of how selfies are interpreted across cultures.

This Swarm will emphasize process and reflection. However, for those of you who prefer learning outcomes, you will walk away with the following:

  • a deeper understanding of indigenous culture and elders – and how your family tree and elders in your life influences your culture, identity, and perspective.
  • a heightened awareness of how you communicate and how others receive your communication style.
  • a more skillful, practical way to explain the value of intercultural competency to your colleagues and personal contacts.
  • innovative ideas for fostering authentic intercultural interactions  – whether it be in your personal life or in your work (human resources, higher education, teaching, administration, social justice activists, mental health professionals, business,community organizers, faculty, volunteer work, students, study/education abroad, etc).
  • action steps that are meaningful, do-able, inspired and relevant to your work and life.
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    A 2014 participant’s illustration of identity.

    new ways to think about Culture, Identity and Perspective, including who you are and how you contribute to dialogue (locally and globally) across these topics.

  • a more expansive and meaningful network of those who engage in depth of conversation about cross-cultural interactions. This expanded community will be a lifeline for ongoing professional and personal development.

Who is presenting?

How will we spend our time at the Swarm?

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